Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's about time!

So as you can tell I have not been good at all at blogging! We haven't had a computer we could download pictures on but 2 months ago we got a new comp so I don't have that excuse anymore. Nash is going to be 1 year old in 20 days and the last post was from when he was born and things have changed a lot since then. Nash is such a blessing in our lives and I really don't know what Sean and I did before Nash. He is starting to walk and has so much personality! He has started doing this new face we call skrunge face. He does it all the time thanks to Aunt Call! Life is great and we feel so blessed to have a healthy happy baby! I cannot believe he is going to be 1 so soon.
his first time being in a big boy carseat! he had a smile on his face the whole drive!
bath time!
starting to stand by himself and taking like 7 steps!!! Freedom, WY TFR 2010
he is getting so big!

Freedom, WY...July 2010
Happy 3rd anniversary babe! I love you so much!!
his new thing...skrunge face
he loves to go swimming
Nash's 1st haircut
Nash's 1st Lake Powell trip
Our little family
Eric and Robin's wedding
Nash 9 months
McCall's graduation
Nash 8 months, Easter
Nash 7 months
Nash 6 months