Monday, April 13, 2009

I am the worst blogger!!

Easter Sunday
San Francisco
Sean's 27th birthday!
Little Nash
Disneyland Ok, so it's been a few good months since I have updated or put anything on our blog. We have been pretty busy lately and before that I was too sick to sit at a computer and update our blog. So some of the things happening in our life go like this...most importantly we are having a baby boy on August 12th, hopefully no later and are so excited!! I was very sick and still have some moments, but for the most part I'm doing a lot better. I'm starting to show now and so it makes it a little more real than before. We also moved to Rocklin to be close to family and out of the heat before I got too big! Sean is still working for AT&T and I am currently not working!! I have helped out in my Dad's office a few times and need to find something permanent soon. Sean turned 27 last Tuesday and we were able to go to San Francisco for a night. It was really fun to get away for even just a night. We just did the typical SF stuff, it was really relaxing though. I was able to go to Disneyland with Lindsey and Rob for Zoie's 4th birthday. We had a lot of fun and it was really fun seeing the girls there. I was not able to go on any of the the big rides and saw a glimpse of what life would be like in 5 short months!! It was a lot of fun though. And yesterday, Easter Sunday was a lot of fun. We usually go to the coast but this year it didn't work out so we were able to spend it with Lindsey, Rob, and the girls, my Dad, and some friends form our ward. It was a lot of fun and very relaxing! So life is pretty good right now, not much to complain about. Except for the fact that I'm starting NOT to fit into all my clothes, it's kind of depressing...We are so blessed and so excited for the next couple of months!