Friday, July 10, 2009

4 more weeks!!

So here are just a few pics that were taken a few weeks ago, I am already bigger and more pregnant. We only have 4 weeks left until my due date, but the doctor ensures me that I will go over. That's just something I knew but don't want to hear from the doctor. I went to the doctor yesterday and they said that Nash's head is starting to go down and that I'm not dilated at all yet. I figured so! I have been feeling pretty good for the most part, I am still able to do spin about 4 days a week and work a couple. I really do feel too good to go into least I think so. The only thing that is uncomfortable are nights. I am carrying really high and so when I lie down at night I sometimes feel like I can't get enough oxygen, but it really is fine. I was able to have a baby shower a couple of weeks ago and got so many fun things! It is starting to feel more real and I am really getting excited for little Nash to come!! Hopefully everything in the next couple of weeks goes well, I'm pretty sure with my track record that I might not make another post until after he comes. Hopefully I am wrong but we'll see.