Friday, January 16, 2009

A little update

Hey everybody, it's Sean. We are the worst bloggers and I apologize that we haven't put up anything from the holidays but oh well. Just wanted to update everyone a little on whats going on with us. We are anxiously awaiting word on a job transfer for me. I am trying to transfer with AT&T to a store up in Sacramento. We have been waiting for a little while and with the economic situation we could be waiting a little while longer. Chels got to spend 2 weeks with her family over the holidays which she loved while I was down here working. It wasn't all bad though because I got to watch my Utah Utes go undefeated and win the Sugar Bowl.

Besdies that we got some exciting news...............We are expecting our first little one on August 12. We are really excited, but these first couple weeks haven't been easy. Chelsea has been pretty sick but with the help of our doctor and a friend in our ward she has some medicine that helps her a little bit. So we are hoping these next 7 months go by fast so we can hopefully have a son!!!!!(Chels of course wants a girl). We hope everyone is doing well.